Social media marketing trends in 2020

Social media marketing trends in 2020

The importance of the internet in almost every aspect of our lives cannot be overemphasized. Before, we had to attend leadership skills seminar or management training to develop ourselves but that is not the case now.

Now, almost every information we need is on the internet and usually very accessible. With the internet came social media, and social media is a tool that if properly harnessed yields outstanding results.

Social media is the biggest platform to advertise your business.

It is the year 2020 and social media is now the equivalent to a street shop or a corporate building. Social media has now become one of the biggest platform to advertise your business. Although, almost everyone is using it, not everyone will get the most out it. That is why it is imperative that you always stay informed.

To be informed is to stay ahead of the competition, especially in cases where your kind of business is saturated. So, read wide, Google anything to get the right answers and you can even attend social media marketing seminars if need be. Just make sure that in being ambitious, you have the right arms to sustain you and push your business forward.

In this article, in a bid to help you stay informed and ahead of the market competition; we’ve put together some well-established trends in social media marketing that we think you should follow.

Mobile receptive websites

This is the first trend because most business owners ignore it. Google has said that there’s a probability 61% of users wouldn’t return to a mobile site they found difficult to access, while 40% are more likely to visit a competitor’s site. It’s not always about creating a website, accessibility should also be taken into large consideration. So, if your site is not yet mobile receptive, work on it. It is important.

Use of video contents

A picture can only say so little. If a picture can say a thousand words, imagine what a 30seconds video can say? That is why an entertaining video that advertises your business is very important. A video tells your business story in a more fun, engaging, inspiring and entertainment. Read more!

Use of social media for customer service

Social media creates network and connects people all around the world. Social media is now more than posting videos and pictures and sending pictures. Customer service is now one of the major use of social media.

With social media you get to meet more of your customers and interact with them. It is easier to handle customer through the social media channel.

Use of influencer marketing

This is a very generic trend that is widely used by most business owners. Influencer marketing works because customers are tired of ads especially on YouTube. It is also easier to trust social media influencers than all these other faceless corporate brands.

Social media influencers can tweet or post instagram stories about your business regularly and keep people informed.

These trends might seem overwhelming but when you start putting them into practice and see results, you would be grateful that you read this article. Social media marketing seminars both virtual and real life meetings will give you all the motivations you need. For more information, visit:

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